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Bar Harbor Classic Wood Boat Show – August 25, 2018

Bar Harbor Classic Wood Boat Show, August 25, 2018

The world’s most important classic wooden boat show is coming to the docks at Bar Harbor Supper Club in August 25, 2018. The Antique and Classic Boat Society (ACBS), an international organization founded in 1974 with over 7,000 members and over 50 local chapters around the world, has chosen Bar Harbor Supper Club and the Gull Lake area to host its annual meeting and show.

“We’re expecting over 100 of the finest vintage boats in the world to converge in the Brainerd area for this event”, said Steve Shoop, President of the Bob Speltz Land O Lakes (BSLOL) Chapter of ACBS. “We’re really excited to be able to host an event of this magnitude and prestige here on Gull Lake. The folks at Bar Harbor have really rolled out the red carpet for this event, including completing a major dock expansion to accommodate the expected number of boats.”

“The great news for vintage boat lovers is that the show is open to the public, Friday September 25, and Saturday September 26. While there are a number of very active vintage boat collectors right here locally, this show will also attract the best of the best vintage boats from around the country, so spectators will be able to see boats they might not otherwise have the chance to see.”

Peter Stephens, Executive Director of ACBS, echoed the excitement of the local chapter: “The BSLOL Chapter has done a great job organizing this event, and we’re looking forward to our visit to Minnesota. We’ve held this prestigious event in many great venues, including Lake Tahoe, Gravenhurst, ON, Branson, MO, Lake George, NY, and Lake Geneva, WI to name just a few. We’re sure the Brainerd Lakes area will be a fitting addition to these fine venues.

Dave Bortner, Event Chairman for BSLOL, added, “we’ve worked hard to plan the event well in advance, and the volunteer support has been very gratifying. We’ll have plenty of help in making sure the event runs smoothly; we’ll have volunteers available to talk about the vintage boats we love, and to explain the nuances of the various boats spectators will be able to see. We extend our cordial invitation to everyone who’s in the area that weekend. It’s an event not to be missed!”

Bar Harbor Supper Club,, is located at 8164 Interlachen Road, in Nisswa, MN.

For more information, contact Steve Shoop, BSLOL President,, or Dave Bortner, BSLOL Event Chairman, at